Coffee from Colombia SUPREMO  Café Gourmet


Every time you buy a coffee on the basis of its origin directly from the dealer and not on the basis of the prices in the supermarket , making" fair trade "and also contribute to the reduction of poverty and environmental pollution . Indeed, by helping everyone. 're Helping each other because the better you get coffee and you have the option authentic choice.

Contribute to students' work was more interesting than just taking orders at fast food outlets . Helping roesters, small traders and exporters to live life more interesting . These people share a passion for authentic coffee and not just counting money ...

I also rewards the hard work of many coffee farmers and peasants. And all this just a few pennies more for a cup of coffee ... "

-Kenneth Davids (transl.)

And ... I 'm buying this coffee because it´s tastes are excelent and I feel free and happy to make the world natural   :-) -  Flahoja

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Coffee LOS ANDES  roasted beans 100% Arabica GOURMET  original pack  1 kg, 500 g  250 g